If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer.
— Stephen Porges, neuroscientist

A Note from the Heart: Why We’re Here

it’s passive

it’s gentle

it responds to you

. . . where the ones suffering most wouldn’t have to work the most brutally hard . . .

Our company was started by a licensed therapist looking for an alternative to support people and make a difference in their lives…where the ones suffering most wouldn’t have to work the most brutally hard every step of the way. “Can’t we find more mercy and rest in this transformation process?”

There are times when a stressed, overwhelmed nervous system makes it almost physically impossible to do the tough personal work, and continuing to push through can burn you out and make you want to quit. Even meditation and all the other mindful forms of self-care can feel out of reach: because when your body feels stressed or unsafe it’s hard to sit still and focus.

We hope to create a beautiful and supportive environment where those who need it can come just receive for a while. No trying to control or tame your thoughts, no finding the energy to focus, just listening to relaxing music and maybe dozing off while our system holds a virtual mirror to your lovely brain. (The unconscious mind works exponentially faster than the conscious, anyways.)

We chose this particular NeurOptimal® method of neurofeedback out of many wonderful styles because it fills a gap - one that desperately needs to be filled with merciful respite and reprieve.

Plus, we deeply resonate with NeurOptimal®’s philosophy of being responsive to you rather than pushing you in a certain direction, and its operating premise that your brain, and only your brain, knows

  1. how to learn the way it uniquely learns best and

  2. what needs to happen for your personal growth, and in what order.

You’re not broken. We trust that your brain, when given the awareness it needs via the neurofeedback, will make the adjustments it needs in the most efficient and gentle way for you.